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Claire Girodie engages the simplest and the most traditional materials in intimate conversations and transcribes their unspoken stories through both figurative and abstract works. In her figurative works, with quiet poses, expressive physical marks, and discretely incorporated texts, she reveals a secretly kept reality - feelings hidden in today’s socially correct environment. With paper, linen, ink or thread, Girodie’s drawings evoke landscapes figures, and calligraphies, occasionally escaping their two-dimensional forms to become sculptures and installations. They stay silent, using their own shadows to speak louder—psychological landscapes waiting to be heard. Claire Girodie is based in Baltimore, MD, where she received her MFA in Studio Arts, and her B.A. in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking from Towson University, graduating Summa Cum Laude.
Detail from Beautiful Incidence, dry point, series of four prints, edition of 6, 18 x 18"
Cerulean oil on canvas / book pages from biographies, 30 x 48"

White oil on canvas, book pages from biographies, personal writing, 24 x 48"